About me

Hi there! I’m Sarah. Welcome to my neck of the woods, or my corner of the internet, rather. I’m a 30-something gal married to my hardworking husband and mom to our sweet 6 year old cowboy. We live on one very cramped acre where we home school the boy, bake lots of sourdough bread, grow vegetables, milk the goat, collect eggs from the hens, and try to remember to slow down and smell the roses. I strive to live a life of intention, embrace the chaos, and love the season I’m in. I’m not perfect at it, so my words here will hopefully serve not only to inspire you, but to remind myself of these things. I love all things ‘home’ and it is my sincere hope that you’ll find something here to encourage you to love your home and the people within it as much as I love mine, and to find contentment no matter where you are.

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