The Best Caesar Salad

Although it wasn’t my intention, I’m afraid I have become a Caesar salad snob. Bottled dressing or store-bought croutons just don’t compare to this salad. Once you try it, I’m sure you’ll feel the same. Don’t be put off by the extra few minutes it takes to prepare. I usually double the dressing and keep it in a mason jar in the fridge and keep my salad spinner full of crisp, clean romaine so that I can serve this salad multiple nights in a row without having to make another batch of dressing.

For the dressing, You will need:

1 c mayo

1 c freshly grated parmesan

2 cloves garlic, minced

2 tsp anchovy paste

1 tsp dijon mustard

splash of white wine vinegar

splash of worchestershire

salt and freshly ground pepper

For the salad, You will need:

1 head romaine, cut into bite sized pieces and cleaned (I use a salad spinner to wash and store lettuce)

1 slice bread, cubed (I use homemade sourdough, but any french or sandwich bread would work)

2 TBSP butter

1/2 c shaved Parmesan

First, make your dressing. I use homemade mayo, which I make directly in a wide mouth mason jar, and then I just add the remaining ingredients into the jar and mix with a fork. This eliminates extra dishes, and it stores perfectly this way. If dressing appears to thin for your liking, you can add more Parmesan. For too thick dressing, add another splash or two of white wine vinegar. Store your dressing in the fridge while you prepare salad.

After you’ve made and stored your dressing, melt butter in a medium skillet and fry your cubed bread. These croutons are different in that they’re not stale and hard like traditional croutons. They’re buttery and crunchy on the outside, but tender on the inside. Cook just a few minutes until bread starts to turn golden brown. Remove from pan and set aside.

In your serving dish, first place your romaine. I do one large handful per person. Add your croutons, and then, using a spoon, drizzle dressing over salad. I like a lot. Toss the salad and top with shaved Parmesan. Serve and watch everyone start to drool over how delicious it is.

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  1. Renee

    This sounds wonderful. I don’t have homemade caesar in my fridge so I’m going to make some. I don’t buy bottled dressing ever! It’s too easy to make homemade. I’ve noticed that bottled has something in it that makes it hard to clean the bottles. I don’t want that in my body. Homemade washes clean in a flash.

    1. Sarah

      I agree! Plus homemade is just so darn good, and you can make dressings for a fraction of what they cost!

  2. Lacy Robinson

    Okay this all sounds amazing and so easy for a weeknight meal!! I had no idea it was this easy!

    1. Sarah

      It’s extra delicious with some sliced, grilled chicken or shrimp on top! Mmm. Now I’m hungry!

    2. Terri

      Can’t wait to make this! Thank you Sarah!

      1. Sarah

        I’m sure you guys will love it!

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