Super Simple Bruschetta

I’d hardly even call this a recipe because it is so darn simple, and exact measurements aren’t necessary at all. But I thought I’d share it here, because I’ve been making it a lot lately and have had no fewer than 4 people ask me how. I serve this with toasted french bread usually, but pita chips or even tortilla chips would be great. It’s also delicious on top of grilled chicken. Enjoy!

You’ll need:

Cherry tomatoes (or regular tomatoes)

Red onion

Fresh basil


olive oil

I’m not even going to include quantities here because you can use whatever you have. I usually take a few handfuls of cherry tomatoes and slice them in half (or quarters if they’re larger), place into a medium size serving bowl. Add in diced red onion (again, the amount is totally up to your preference), some torn or cut fresh basil, drizzle with olive oil, and season to taste with salt. That’s it!!

You can definitely dress this up if you’d like by adding minced garlic, fresh ground pepper, or whatever else suits your fancy. This comes together so quickly with minimal effort and clean up, so it’s great to make for last minute guests or as a quick side for dinner.

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  1. Lacy Robinson

    I am definitely making this tomorrow! Yum!

    1. Sarah

      Lacy, it’s great to make when the summer tomatoes are ripe and you want to keep something yummy in the fridge to snack on! Enjoy:)

  2. Terri

    Yum! Thank you!

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