What I want this blog to be…

I don’t know how you found me, but I’m glad you’re here.

I have known since I was a little kid that I don’t fit in with my generation. And I am totally fine with that. As a child I spent my days with my grandparents and gleaned so much from them and the stories they had to tell. I have old fashioned values that run through my veins and nothing makes me happier than cooking for my family and just being together. If it sounds simple, it’s because it is.

I didn’t know where life would take me, but I followed the typical path. After high school I went to college and earned a Bachelor’s degree, then got married, we bought our home, and then welcomed our son a few years later. We started a garden, then got chickens, and then, well, you know what they say about chickens right? So now in addition to those first few hens, we have a flock bigger than I can count, two goats, a lamb, and a pony. And 3 dogs. And 2 or 3 cats, or maybe its 4. There is always some sort of chaos around these parts! And lots and lots of poop (of the farm variety). But despite all the animals, the messes, and the work, I’ve never felt as rich as I do now. These are the days, as they say. I spend my time at home and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I understand that not everyone shares my passion for being at home. This last year really magnified that for me. We have been very blessed in that our lives were not turned upside down like most people. We were already homeschooling, my husband’s job has seen no disruptions, and our little homestead provides milk and eggs so luckily it has been mostly business as usual for us. Believe me, I know we are blessed and that others haven’t fared as well. But it really saddens me when I talk to friends who can’t stand being around their kids all day, or husbands and wives who are having trouble adapting to the changes in their homes and lives. And if I had a dollar for every person who asked me how to bake sourdough bread this year, well, you get the idea.

I think my generation has this idea that important, worthwhile work can only be done outside the home, where you can attach a dollar amount to it. I wholeheartedly disagree. I am a firm believer that the work done inside the home and the atmosphere there is what truly matters in life. Love and family are like a universal language that we all speak, and those both exist at home. As a culture we have ventured so far away from home, and yet when everything goes haywire, that’s exactly where we all end up.

It is my hope that whether you are home because you choose to be, or home because of circumstances out of your control, you will find something here that you can stick in your back pocket. I want this to be a place where we can encourage, empower, and inspire each other. I want to talk about ways that, regardless of our circumstances, we can all cultivate contentment with the seasons we’re in. I want to discuss how and why living with intention is not only important, but so fulfilling. I want to remind you as well as myself that it is the simple things in life that can bring the greatest joy. And I also want to talk about tangible things like DIY projects, recipes, and tips that I’ve found to be more productive at home. We all have room to improve and become better versions of ourselves.

Like Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home!”

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  1. Cherie

    Hey hey! So happy you made this blog!! The times we live in are calling out for some good old fashioned values. So much of what you said really rings true and is so valuable. The home atmosphere is so important to me too!!! When I was a homemaker for about 6 years I was surprised at the amount of people who criticized me or made fun of me for not working outside of the home. I feel really fulfilled when I am a homemaker. Its actually one of the biggest dreams of my heart…to be a homemaker, nurturer, & caretaker 💓

  2. Renee Benoit

    Wonderful! I’m with you all the way!

  3. Lacy Robinson

    Love everything you’ve said above! I, too, am so content at home and I wouldnt want to be anywhere else! Happy to be on your journey with you, friend!

  4. Terri Stallings

    It wasn’t until I retired and moved to a slower paced area and lifestyle that I truly started to appreciate just being at home. With all the ugliness in the world, it’s now my safe place. You are an inspiration to me.

  5. Debbie Nakagawa

    Very well said!! I cherish my home time which is not very much. I look forward to retirement so I can work in my garden and tackle all the projects I dream of doing!!

  6. Lauren Beliew

    Sarah! You have spoken the most beautiful words. In today’s society it is easy to get lost in all the hustle and bustle and I think we sometimes forget about true happiness. You are an inspiration to me and I cannot wait to read more of your blogs! 💙

  7. Mary Jane

    Sara, I’m impressed but not surprised! Your home is filled with love and can feel the special home that you and Matt AND Henry have made for not only you 3 but all who come into the house. The atmosphere is very kind& loving & happy & active & schooling & and very welcome. it’s unique to enter your home and rare when you leave and can think of all of what you have felt! You have learned and made a life for your family that is precious and is scarce in this day and age! We all can open up in just reading what it brings to the surface. ❤️🙏🏻🌈

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