March Updates

I might as well summarize March right here and now, because chances are slim I’ll be back before April rolls in. There is no career future for me in blogging. No future a’tall.

Anyway, things have been cruising along. Sometimes I’m driving, sometimes I feel like life is on autopilot and I sort of occasionally wake up from a nap wondering what state we’re in and if I said anything embarrassing in my sleep.

I’m finishing up re-training for Child Protective Services here in New York. It almost feels like a secret I want to keep to myself, how much this work means to me. I suppose it’s obvious to the people who know me. I did work for CPS once before, left to stay home with my kids and returned to the same agency, so obviously I liked the work. But I’m actually deeply passionate about working with families and taking away the stigma of CPS. I want it to be what it was originally intended to be, which was a safety net for families in crisis and a resource for families headed that way.

In kitchen related news, I caved to the trend and bought an Instant Pot. I read that you can make a good cheesecake in them, so I bought the insert. I’m also a potato salad lover, and hello, six minutes? So I bought the steamer basket too. I’ll be trying those recipes out as soon as I put together a grocery list. I really miss cooking as often as I did before returning to work full time.

We’ve torn apart the house a bit. We-and by we I mean Husband- tore out the crappy builder grade pantry in the kitchen. The soffitt above it had to be removed and the wall patched as well. I’m currently shopping for brick facade to cover the part of the wall that will remain after we cut out the pass through into the living room. Major stuff going on as we expand the dining area into what is currently the bathroom and turn one of main floor bedrooms into a new, bigger bathroom with a soaker tub and double vanity. Not to mention we have to get the dog yard relocated to the back of the property as soon as possible and a new door put in for them as soon as the snow is gone, and finish the work on the exterior of the house. All while maintaining full time jobs and overtime, and keeping our six kiddos happy. NOOO PROBLEM, I say!!

In school related news, I’ve finally reached a point where I feel it’s necessary to reach out to the school district administration about alternate placement for AJ. I just don’t think his current placement is meeting his needs, and it’s sporadic now whether they even respond to my concerns. His teacher is very rigid and at times hostile. His principal addresses things by not addressing them. He uses meaningless, non-specific placating phrases. There are never any measurable, outcome-driven, time-specific goals, after which we will move on to the next option. We just drift along, while AJ progressively feels more and more badly about himself and performs at lower and lower levels. That’s just not acceptable.

Weekend plans include catching up on laundry and a trip to the bookstore at some point. There is always housework, but we need to get in some fun, too. M is always happy to try new recipes with me. I’d like to get my camera out and dust it off. I haven’t touched it in a while and I miss it. We’re clearing out the garage a little bit with the help of my father-in-law and hopefully we’ll be giving away some kid’s bicycles we collected from community members. H has a friend over, and we may be taking a trip to Lake George to see what flavors of ice cream the famous Martha’s is offering up today.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!





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