Return To the Workforce

I took the plunge.

On January 3oth I went back to work for our local district social services. I accepted a position as a floating caseworker, so in theory I will be filling in the gaps in Child Protective Services, Foster Care, Preventive Services and Adult Protective Services. I’ve worked there as a CPS caseworker in the past before deciding to spend some time as a stay at home mom, and I love the work.

For the first week it felt like a blur of rushing around to get the kids to before school care, get to work, rush home on lunch breaks to let the dogs out, rush back to work and then rush to pick the kids up, frantically try to get homework done, showers done, figure out what everyone would wear the next day, and then pretty much pass out.

Now it’s starting to feel like we’re establishing some routines, starting to separate some good ideas from bad ideas, starting to adapt to a new schedule, and starting to pull together a new set of resources and back up plans for emergencies.

We also have a whole new full time income, of course, minus the cost of before and after school care, and lots of plans for wrapping up some long overdue projects on the home.

So what’s going to happen with Contentment at Home? While home is still where I feel the most content, I need to work outside the home right now to make some of the improvements and updates that I want to make to our home, and to start planning for our future. So for the next few years, I’ll be sharing ways to find contentment in your home whether you spend all your time there, or whether you have to make the most of just a few hours a day. If I can find a way to make prepping for the week quicker and easier so I can enjoy down time with my family more, you can bet I’ll share it with you. Quicker meal options that are still delicious? I’m on it. Low stress holidays? We can make it happen.

Welcome to the next evolution, Homebuddies. ❤



♥ Christian wife, momma and keeper of the home. Blogging favorite recipes, home decorating, crafting and snippets of family life at, where we believe home should be your favorite place in the world. ♥
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