Main Floor Master

We recently made the decision to move our bedroom down to the main level of our home. There weren’t too many drawbacks, but we did have to consider the size of the room and the size of our furniture because we really downsized!

The paint color in the room is Graystone by Benjamin Moore.
Benjamin Moore Graystone paint in master bedroom


It looks stunning with the bright white baseboards. I still have to paint the trim around the door and the closet doors, but I thought it best to let the wall paint cure for a while.
In the meantime, I’ve been e-shopping for bedding. We already have comfortable deep pocket organic cotton sheets that we love in gray and in white. We use a fleece blanket for added warmth, but we’ve discovered over the years that we do not like puffy comforters on our bed. James says I give off too much heat! We both like the weight and warmth of quilts, so I’m looking for one right now that isn’t a youthful boy print like the one we’re using now.
This one is my top contender:










I’d like something to add some interest at the bottom of the bed, as well as some added warmth when we aren’t using the heat in the fall and spring.
This quilt has a great price and a pretty scalloped edge. It may be fully reversible. It’s hard to tell from photos.

I’m looking forward to getting the main elements of the room in place so I can start with the details, which everyone knows are the “fun” things. I’ll keep you posted!



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One Response to Main Floor Master

  1. Marie says:

    Hint! Your mother-in-law would love to make you a quilt. Just ask her. Love, Gramma Morrow

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