Adding Decorative Fence Behind Flower Bed

If you needed proof that we are out of our minds, the fact that we installed this decorative picket fencing behind our front planting bed might be all you need. It is about 872% humidity today. My kiddos are verging on homicidal when they try to play together outside, and my husband barely spoke a word through this whole project. He was just determined to get it done on his day off and cross it off his list.

First, the beauty shot.


Oh wait, we weren’t talking about cute little boys.

He is, though. Cute. And sweet. Even though it’s the end of summer and he has a sister the same age as he is and they hate each other with a hot burning passion need a change of pace.

Anyway- we had picket fencing panels left over from when we enclosed our front yard, and I asked James to install them at an angle to each other behind the bed at the entry to our driveway. Until a few weeks ago, this bed was overshadowed by a bunch of extremely large pine trees that have since been torn down. The bed needs some love and affection to make it a pretty welcome to our home. I have a teensy bit of a problem lot of great ideas for projects in and around this house. This was one of them.

We started out by figuring out the placement we wanted for the panels.

Install decorative picket fence panel behind flower bed

Then James used a sledgehammer to pound fence stakes into the ground and screwed through the stake into the panel. He did three on each panel.

Install decorative picket fence panel behind flower bed
Because the ground is not level there, and can’t be leveled because of tree roots we just don’t want to tangle with (see what I did there???) we just raised the second panel slightly higher and leveled it as best we could. This is the same situation we ran into when enclosing our front yard, and we still get a lot of compliments on the fencing.

Once both panels were installed, James used a sawzall type tool with a metal-work blade to zip the tops off the metal stakes.

And part one of the overhaul is done!

Install decorative picket fence panel behind flower bed


I hung the birdhouse that James made for me from a branch.



I have to paint this fence, put in the plants we have chosen, and there are some plans for a special sign. For right now I’m going to get the painting part done, weed, and put out our blog sign.

Just as a reminder, it’s summer and the kids are out in force on bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc. Please drive SLOWLY and safely! Thanks from the Mommas and Daddys out there.






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