Back to School Style Guide for the Girl Who Spurns Fashion

Hi! I’m so glad I’m here with you- it means I survived BTS shopping with another kiddo! A few days ago it was our high school boy’s turn to shop for Fall 2016.  Today it was all about our middle school girl, whose style could best be described as “I don’t care what everyone else is wearing”.

For our big family, I have learned over the years that the BEST thing to do is to take one kid at a time and discuss their hopes for the shopping trip en route. It’s pretty much a given in a big family that there is small budget for each child and that each purchase should count. Narrowing down what they see as their “look”, and any changes they want to make to that “look”, is something to do before you even step foot in the store.

It’s absolutely predictable that one or two of the kids will give me a big fat “I don’t know” when I ask them what they like. I have a few tips if you’re stuck in this guessing game and time is running out before school starts.

Look at the outfit that they picked out to go shopping in. Chances are that they are excited about the shopping trip, even if they don’t show it, and are wearing something they feel good in. In Hannah’s case, the outfit du jour was black skinny jeans, a pullover with the phases of the moon on it and a “sisters” necklace that she purchased with her own money. Black, gray, understated jewelry.

When I summed up her outfit as “neutral”, it led to a conversation about not wanting to stand out or draw attention because of her looks, but liking attention for her jokes and her school work. We talked about why she chose that necklace, and discovered she doesn’t care much for jewelry but this piece caught her eye because she and her older sister were particularly close at that time. She’s proud of her big family.

I asked her what parts of her outfit and general look she would definitely want to keep. She said skinny jeans. They’re a longstanding favorite.Her super long, luxurious hair with an patterned undercut is staying. She still wants to be able to express her interests in her tees and tops and still does not want a lot of color.

I asked her what she might be willing to tweak a little, and she said she might be willing to add in a little color in tee shirts. She is mildly interested in makeup this year, simple things like foundation and mascara.

For a child who doesn’t want to stand out and simply doesn’t want a lot of makeup, frilly clothes or a three pound load of accessories, that might be all you get. It was enough for me.

Here’s what we ended up with for The I DON’T CARE ABOUT TRENDS Guide to 8th grade fashion, 2016 edition.

Old Navy Rockstar Jeans, Her favorite superskinny midrise style are currently BOGO, so we got two in black, one in dark rinse and one in a whiskered finish. That’s a change from last year’s all black all the time!

ONE standout accessory via Hot Topic- the Supernatural Runes backpack.


A Totoro pullover.


Band tee shirts and anything from her tee shirt wishlist on lots of clever little tees for just about any hobby or state of mind you can think of. Having your quiet kiddo make a wishlist on that site will tell you a lot about their interests!

For the girl whose hair is an accessory all on it’s own, we couponed for some good smoothing and shining hair products. And because Hannah is mildly interested in using makeup, we also used coupons to get almost-free eyeliners, mascara, and makeup remover wipes to get her started.

That wraps up our middle school girl’s guide to back to school ANTI-fashion. Although her style is VERY different than mine, it’s a still a style, and it expresses her interests and priorities. If she’s happy, Momma’s happy!

Two second graders left to finish up, and those should be interesting. See you soon!




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