Back to School Shopping for Tenth Grade Boy

We’re starting to get ready for back to school, which is a joyous time of year for me.

I love my big family, but I will confess that it is extremely difficult to placate a gaggle of bored kids of all different ages. The momma guilt eats me up every summer because we pretty much stick to the same routine as always, and when we do make plans we inevitably seem to get derailed by the weather.

Not to mention my health is a joke. More on that later.

Daniel and I went on quick shopping trips two times over the last week or so. Out of his whole crew, Daniel is probably the one who cares most about what he calls his “style”, and these are the things he tells me are “in” for the high school guys.

  • the “jogger” pants that exploded in popularity toward the end of last school year. He has them in five or six colors and insists that they are pretty much all he needs for pants. He wears them on the tight side to avoid the 80’s atrocity that was Hammer pants. If I force him to buy jeans as well, he’ll stick with skinny jeans.
  • Pullover hoodies in upgraded fabrics. We’re trying out some linen blends this year.
  • Pullover sweaters, once the weather changes. Are we done with cardigans? Sad face.
  • Plain black mid-calf socks, as opposed to the patterned Zumiez style socks he’s been wearing. According to Daniel, those are a “summer thing”.
  • Drawstring bags that can be worn over the shoulders like a backpack for carrying gear. The one we bought won’t carry his binder, books and lunch, but it will be great for sports practice, biking, day trips with his crew or outings with the family.
  • Tees with subtle graphics- Daniel’s current favorite has a small scale lightning bolt pattern on it. No inappropriate graphics. Apparently “class” is in, thank the living Lord.
  • The classic Gatorade water bottle for sports and biking.
  • Good quality sneakers and cleats

What we’re reusing from last year:

  • Classic black backpack. We bought a good quality one last year, and this is a hated necessity for Daniel, not a “style” item. So we won’t waste money buying another one.
  • Gym sneakers. Last year’s every day sneakers will do for gym a couple of times a week until they’re too small, and help us get our money’s worth.
  • A coat. I’m not going to bother. Neither Daniel OR Hannah ever wear the coats that I buy them. EVER. If for some reason wearing a coat seems more socially acceptable to them this year, they can wear the one’s from last year. They probably still have the tags on them. If they outgrow last years and need something for shoveling the sidewalks, etc, they can either borrow from us, the parents, or I’ll buy cheapies from the big box stores.

That wraps up our BTS shopping guide according to Daniel. If you enjoyed it, make sure you come back and check out the guides according to our 8th grade girl and 2nd grade boy and girl. See you soon!



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3 Responses to Back to School Shopping for Tenth Grade Boy

  1. Marie says:

    I wish I’d had this guide for school shopping when my kids were young. Well said. Love, Gramma

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