Welcome to Our Dirt Pile

The state of our back yard is creating such anxiety in me that I have to unload some of it on you. Sorry.

We started the complete and utter destruction of our backyard by taking down a whole lot of very tall pine trees. The thud of three story trees hitting the ground, the sudden warmth of sunlight in the back yard, and the ability to actually see a huge chunk of yard previously unavailable to us was all thrilling. The mess, not so much.

I told the guys that we were going to be reworking the fireplace, so one of the biggest trees came down right on top of the old one. Once the trees were cleared away, this is what was left.

I advertised on our local Facebook garage sale sites and found someone who could use my cracked and broken cinder blocks. She came with two young helpers and hauled them all away this morning. You’d be surprised what people are looking for, so don’t be afraid to ask if anyone wants your junk! Connecting with her saved me fifty to one hundred dollars people wanted to charge me to haul them away.
This is what we are left with after I raked all the pine needles out of the area and cut some small baby trees that had started growing without my permission.

I know, right? It’s hard to call that progress, but it most definitely is. After a discouraging verbal scuffle with Mr. Contentment this morning, my idea to rebuild a square fireplace just like the previous one with new cinder blocks was vetoed. He wants the more trendy circular firepit made with concrete retaining wall blocks, so that’s what we’re doing.
These are the blocks we’re using.
I’ll be sure to post an update on the process and the finished product as soon as we get it done.

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