Space Saving Cooks Herb Garden


wood crate herb garden
I love to cook, and in recent years I have gotten a lot more comfortable making my own spices and seasonings with dried herbs. Now I’m getting all brave and stuff and expanding on that idea by growing my own herbs! I don’t have a ton of space right now to grow anything- we’re tearing up our backyard. But you can grow everything you need for a basic cook’s herb garden right in a wood crate and it will hardly take up any space at all!

herbs for cooking grown in crate

wood crate herb garden

container herb garden with essential kitchen herbs
I lined the wooden crate with a black plastic garbage bag and trimmed off the excess at the top after filling with soil. So far the herbs seem quite happy planted close together, possibly because they have plenty of room to send roots downward as they grow.

The chalkboard labels are from Walmart and came in a package with the sticks that I just glued on. They’ve held up well through torrential rain and scorching sun.

The best thing about this little garden might be the smell. They smell amazingly good after the tiniest touch. I hope you plant a little wood crate garden and get tons of enjoyment out of it!



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2 Responses to Space Saving Cooks Herb Garden

  1. weebluemixer says:

    I’ve planted some chives, mint and rosemary in our garden. The coriander is still in the house as it doesn’t seem to be doing well so don’t want to transplant it in case it dies! But the herbs smell lovely and the rabbits seem to state away from the chives and mint…. I wonder if that’s due to the smell?

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