My Mind is on Moe

Japanese Chin "Moe"

Japanese Chin "Moe", deaf Japanese Chin

I’m getting some prep done in the kitchen for the rest of the week, and cuddling a little girl with a cold. But mostly, my mind is on this guy, our three year old Japanese Chin named Moe. He is at the vet this morning, finally getting neutered after moving from owner to owner and now finding his forever home with us.

The vet called prior to surgery this morning and said that he had a “not really a murmur, more like a click” in his heart, and did we want to go ahead with the anesthesia and surgery. After some discussion, and knowing that his previous vet was aware of the heart issue and didn’t feel it needed treatment, I decided to go ahead with the surgery.

At eleven o’clock this morning I was able to call and get an update. Moe did just fine in surgery and woke up with no problem from the anesthesia. He’ll be able to come home tomorrow morning and I can’t wait to ruffle his ears.

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One Response to My Mind is on Moe

  1. Marie says:

    Hope your “baby” is fully recovered and well. She’s so cute!

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