January is for Decluttering

When winter comes to upstate New York and we are spending more time inside, it starts to feel crowded. Today I had the overwhelming urge to purge and make some space in this house. I started in Madeleine’s room, because she’s a hoarder I knew there were some things in there that I could sell on our very active local Facebook garage sale site.


Fifty dollars for a roadside rescue that I painted and put hardware on. This one isn’t being picked up til tomorrow.


Twenty five dollars for two shelves I bought from a friend. These were always empty. I paid either twenty or twenty five, so this was more of a break even thing.


This storage bin, as well as a skinnier one of the same height and two desk top ones, sold for twenty three dollars.


A small dresser from my son’s room that needs some work and was completely empty. Twenty dollars.

Just under one hundred and twenty dollars today for items we weren’t using that were cluttering up bedrooms and that we would have had to take with us when we move. The extra space feels pretty good!

I have plenty more things to go through and get rid of, many of which I will be able to sell as I clean. Joining those Facebook garage sale sites is a great way to clear out things you don’t use, or to furnish a new home on a budget.

Happy shopping!



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