A Deer, Some Shutters and a Paint Technique

I like this little guy.

James isn’t keen on his gold tipped antlers, but I’m okay with them, at least for now. Remember this trip to Hobby Lobby, Allie? You are the one that convinced me to spring for the bigger guy, and after all that debate it turned out he was 50% off anyway.


I hung him on the shutters that recently got refinished and installed over the sofa.

That was quite a project.


The shutters, I mean. Not hanging the deer. That only took a second.

The shutters were a gift from my in-laws and had some interesting bright green chippy paint on them. I liked it and I kept them as they were for quite a while, but finally got up the energy to redo them.

James worked on the first part with me. We spread on paint stripper with a paint brush, then let it sit and finally used the pressure washer to wash off the paint residue and chips. Carefully, of course. Paint stripper is a nasty chemical and will burn your skin and kill your lawn, so plan accordingly.

Once the shutters were cleaned and dry, I used a palm sander to smooth them out. I wasn’t going for perfection. If you want perfect, don’t use old shutters.

The next step was to apply two coats of gray stain, allowing plenty of dry time.

Finally, I used a rough dry rag (an old cut up towel) to dab on flat white paint and then rub it around until I achieved a color I liked.

Somewhere along the line I decided to cut them in half and use them as a set of three. James did that for me using a circular saw.

I’m very happy with the final product, including my funky square wreaths.


James asked me if that was something I saw on Pinterest. Nope, it was more of an improvising thing, since my round wreaths were a tad too wide and I had already given away all my other ones. I think they are pretty darned cool.

I love love love taking old things and refinishing them, repurposing them, and using them to make our home a cozy and interesting place. I’m hoping that the kids will catch the thrifting bug so it will be something we can share.



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