I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas Tree

This tree is way out of my comfort zone. Usually I’m a “warm and cozy” colors kinda decorator, but this year, with the lack of snow outside and our readiness for a change, we went all white. I wasn’t too sure I was going to like it until it was done, but…..

I love it.

It is so wintery. So clean.  And much more elegant than the trees of the last few years.

We almost couldn’t find enough white decor items, but after three stores, we pieced it together.

all white Christmas tree IMG_2965

We found the white eucalyptus picks and the white poinsettias at JoAnn Fabrics.IMG_2979

The “comfort and joy” printable was designed by me and printed at Walgreen’s. See it here.IMG_2984

The white glittery spiral picks toward the bottom of the tree are from Walmart.IMG_2991

Our brand new star is from Walmart, and 20 year old 6’4″ Zachary boosted 6 year old skinny bean Madeleine up over his head so she could put it on top of the tree. She didn’t notice that I straightened it out after.IMG_3003

These adorable mitten ornaments are from Walmart.IMG_3006

The miniature churches came from JoAnn Fabrics.IMG_3007

The lacy ornaments are from Walmart.IMG_3009

The snowball ornaments came from JoAnn’s as well.IMG_3011

Now if only I hadn’t chosen my wrapping paper back in early November before I had any idea that I would get the tree up and be totally annoyed with the decorations of the last three years. I do like the papers to coordinate with the tree decor, but I’m not going to fuss at this late stage. The kids will be much more excited about what’s in the package than on it.

I have some other photos of winter changes to our home that I want to share but those will be in a separate post. That’s all for now!


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