A Halloween Celebration

For the two weeks leading up to Halloween I was feeling a little ragged. I had absolutely no Halloween spirit. And then two days before, I had a burst of energy and decided I was going to have an impromptu Halloween party.

budget Halloween tableWe obviously didn’t have much time for a formal budget, so I just did my best. Here’s my budget decor breakdown.

Tablecloth: 2 yards of black burlap, $3 I pulled a couple of lengthwise threads from each edge to give it a nice frayed look.

Burlap banner: less than $2 on clearance after Halloween last year

orange dishes: Dollar Tree, $1 each

adult sized cups: Dollar Tree, $1/4 pack

paper plates and napkins: $.50 each on clearance

black cat kids cups $.50/4 pack clearance after Halloween last year

black candleabra: free from my stash

orange candlesticks $1.47 each at Walmart

soda bottle labels: free from my stash

PicMonkey CollageBudget wall art: Dollar Tree $1 each

We decorated the windows in the front room with orange lights, “freaky fabric” and stretchy cotton spider webs.

IMG_2847I hung the vanilla colored drapes right back up to cover the lights coming down the side of the window, and we left the blinds and drapes open to welcome the neighborhood kids to our door for trick-or-treating.


Lights from my stash $0, freaky fabric $3 each piece, one for each window, spiderwebs $1 at the Dollar tree and one pack did my two windows, the plants on each side of my front door, the outdoor lights on each side of my front door and the chandelier in the kitchen.

Outside, James strung some candy corn colored lights around the door. I covered the door with a bright green disposable tablecloth with a spiderweb pattern on it.

IMG_2871Spiderwebs from the Dollar Tree, a couple of styrofoam signs on the wall and door (Dollar Tree, from my stash) and spiderwebs in the plants completed our entryway decor. Hopefully our new house will have a nice big covered porch and I can have a lot more fun decorating outside.

The kids carved pumpkins to line the fence and hold the gate open for trick-or-treaters. They did a great job. We lit them up with battery operated votive candles.

IMG_2865This guy hung from the plant hook outside our gate. I ordered it on a flash sale site and can’t remember the specifics, but I’m sure it was less than $20.

IMG_2875While the cat is cute, the dogs are cuter.

IMG_2857Moe the taco. I’m not 100% convinced he will forgive us this indignity.

Lily didn’t wear a costume, but she was excited to watch for Trick-or-Treaters. Lily loves everyone. Guard dog? Not so much. Welcoming committee? You’re covered.

IMG_2873The littles stood still for about 13 seconds so I could take their photos.

IMG_2822Alex was a Navy Seal. He loves all things military and weaponry. We added the game system headset and debated spray painting a nerf gun, but decided that was not a good idea.

Maddie was a candy corn witch. I made her tutu. I would be happy not to see any tulle for a while. I made the applique on her shirt with a few strips of ribbon that I sewed to a piece of scrap fabric. The hat, broom and stockings were from Walmart and the black cat leggings were already in her wardrobe, as was the white long sleeved tee.

IMG_2813The older kids went as Dean from Supernatural (Hannah, as part of a group theme with her “squad”) and a ghost made from a $4 sheet and ten minutes of ripping and sewing. (Daniel, who trick-or-treated with his friends in another neighborhood. Sad face. Growing up.)

That’s our last minute, budget friendly, DIY Halloween party and Trick-or-Treat setup. I hope it has inspired you to plan some inexpensive fun for next year!

See you soon!


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