My Morning Routine (Part One)

There is comfort in routine. When I move through my morning chores in the same way every day, I can be assured that everything is getting done efficiently, that I am not missing anything, and that I am doing a good job managing the home for my family. I know it’s an old fashioned concept, taking pride in managing a home with skill, but I truly enjoy it.

Every morning I get the kids off to school and then I head upstairs. I make the bed and pick up any stray clothing in the master bedroom. If the furniture needs dusting or the mirror needs cleaning, I do it then.



Then I head into the upstairs family room and tidy up in there.



The leather sectional is easy to wipe down. I dust the furniture if needed and corral all the controllers and games that the kids may have left out.


Knick-knacks tell a story about your family and are a way to express creativity, but they need to be dusted now and then!



In the other half of this oversized family room I have carved out a space for myself. I haven’t done much sewing lately, so this area doesn’t need much maintenance.



Sometimes the girls are tired and want a morning nap. They share a bed in the family room. I’m working on a mattress solution for them- they’ve chewed up several already.


I clean up the master bath, gather up any dirty laundry to bring downstairs with me and get my work done on the main level.


I start in the living room, usually with the tv on to keep me company. I have to vacuum this room daily, since the dogs seem determined to bring most of the yard inside with them.


Again, a quick dusting where needed.

In the kitchen I empty the dishwasher and load any dirty dishes from the morning rush.



Because family and friends tend to enter through our garage, I try to keep the kitchen bright, clean and welcoming.




I sweep the kitchen and the main floor bath and wipe down the counters in the bathroom. Then it’s time for a break with my feet up while I check email and read some blogs.

If I have a busy day planned, that’s it for morning chores. If I’m staying home, I will keep going- I’ll share what that looks like in part two.

See you soon!



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