Vintage Fertilizer Sack to Home Decor

vintage fertilizer sack to wall decor

My in-laws are expert pickers. They have the vision. I think they enjoy challenging me by gifting me with cool things they find and then waiting to see what I’ll do with them. One of their latest finds was a vintage fertilizer sack (Clean!!) with our family name on it.

Since my husband just recently taught me how to use his compound miter saw and I can now do some small projects on my own that require cutting wood, and since we had a small pile of cedar in our garage from a disassembled planter box, I decided to frame the sack.

I used mending plates to connect the four sides of my frame, screwing them on by hand. I haven’t mastered the drill yet. James says I’m learning tools out of order of usefulness, but a screwdriver can get quite a bit done.

Then I flipped the frame over and used upholstery tacks to tack the sack to the frame, hammering them in solidly. I trimmed the sack edges to hide behind the frame. Whether or not you cut up vintage items is a personal decision. In my case, I felt that it would be better displayed stretched out so the words were visible , and it’s unlikely that I would ever display it filled with stuff. I also know that I won’t want to resell it, both because it was a gift and because it has our name on it. So I was okay with trimming the edges off.

vintage fertilizer sack to wall decor

This project cost me absolutely nothing, as it was pulled together with wood and hardware that I already had and the sack was a gift. I’m loving the vintage farmhouse touch it adds to the stairway. I’m grateful that my husband was willing to give me lessons and share his tools so I can start doing some of these projects on my own. My Christmas wish list this year is going to have some tools on it!

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