Friday Brain Dump

What I’ve been loving this week:



Since I’m still obsessing about all things baby, I am loving the Countdown to Pregnancy site, and the feature that allows you to vote “positive” or “negative” on potential mommas’ pregnancy tests. What I’ve learned- 1: I am not the only one that can squint a line into existence and 2: I’d be a horrible doctor, because I only give the good news.


We’re going to be buying our new house soon, so I’m scouring Pinterest for farmhouse style inspiration. Neither of us has the time or energy to maintain the acres of land we’d like to have, and the traditional farmhouse has more stairs than I care to navigate, but we can create that inviting refuge in a brand new single level home with a little work. I’m particularly interested in cabinetry and flooring, since those come in builder grade boring. Making furniture into vanities? Yes please.



Weight Watchers friendly recipes and substitutions. Check out that wrap from Laaloosh. That doesn’t say “diet food”, does it? But it fits in perfectly to the points system. I started WW the week of July 4, then stumbled (predictably) with the holiday goodies. Now I have to get back on track.

I’m also thinking a lot about the five-a-day decluttering process, in which you gift/donate/toss five items from your home each day until you’ve pared down your belongings to a manageable level. As usual for this live-in-her-head girl, I’ve been doing a bit too much thinking and not enough doing. Today I jumped right in and grabbed five things: A glass candlestick that I have never used for my garage sale pile, a bathing suit that didn’t fit me to pass to Hannah, a cooler bag for my Humira injections that I’ve never used, a removable drawer from our new fridge that made it impossible to put pitchers or milk jugs in there and some rusty marshmallow sticks, all trash.

IMG_1962Thanks for stopping by! I have to run, I’m making peach crumble bars and summer strawberry bars for our trip to the beach tomorrow. See you soon!



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