Three Days of Yard Work

Three days of raking, bagging, loading in the van (God bless stow n go seating) and hauling it back out of the van at the transfer station. In the side yard alone I filled 34 bags of leaves and pine needles. I’m sure pine trees have a purpose in the world other than at Christmas time, but for the love….if you’re going to be evergreen, can’t you just keep your pine needles on your branches?

There is more to do in the yard, but as it turns out, I’m enjoying the process. I like the exercise, I like the sense of accomplishment when an area is cleared, I like the sun and the breeze. And although I know that people can always find something to criticize, I like knowing that this zero dollar home improvement makes our home look neater and cleaner to people driving or walking by.

James and I spent part of the day yesterday cleaning up the garage. I have discovered that my husband is a bit of a hoarder. Hoarder lite. We went through all of the things on the workbench and he was all “garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage…wait! Somebody could use that! Sell it at the garage sale!” Bless his heart. I’ve seen enough episodes of that show to know that most of those people have piles of stuff 3/4 of the way up to their ceilings because they think “somebody” could use it. Luckily in our case it’s half used cans of deck stripper instead of cans of prunes that are older than our children, or Heaven forbid, cats. Although we were never climbing over piles of junk while bracing ourselves on the ceiling fixtures, it was still a great before and after. We’re even planning to reuse some shelves we took down to create a kids corner to organize their sports equipment and outdoor toys.

This spring feels exceptionally good because we had such a long hard winter. We’re living in the moment in this house of ours, and we’re happy.



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