Pretty Soap Display with Fabric Scraps and Twine

pretty soap displayHi there! If you’re feeling crafty, or want to do something to dress up your guest bathroom, you could make this pretty soap display with some simple fabric strips and jute twine. I used Ivory soap and some fabric scraps I had on hand. The jute twine came from Walmart.

pretty soap displayYou probably don’t need instructions for this, but just in case- cut your fabric into strips of your desired widths. I didn’t fuss either about the width or about the frayed edges. I just snipped the edge of the fabric and ripped strips off. Then I cut a length of twine and used my thumb to hold the end in place while I wrapped it around the soap. When you’ve wrapped it as many times as you like, just tuck the ends under.

pretty soap displaypretty soap displaypretty soap displayI put mine in a glass jar on a shelf in our guest bathroom.

pretty soap displayThese little soaps are so fresh and so sweet! I love them. I hope you do too!



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