Product Review: Batman Silicone Candy Mold

Happy almost Valentine’s day! This year is especially significant, because it’s the first year that one of my middle children asked me to help make a Valentine’s day gift for a special friend.

We wanted to make some candies in a Batman theme, so we turned to Amazon to find just the right mold. This is the one we found- Amazon photo shown below.

batman candy cake mold

I was super excited when the package arrived right on schedule. When I opened it the first thing I noticed was how thick and flexible the silicone was- no quality issues with this product at all.

When I got around to making the Batman candies as requested, I was just as pleased with how the mold performed- the candies set up in less than five minutes in the fridge and popped out with no effort at all. Not one of the batman candies broke! All I had to do was use a sharp knife to trim the excess candy from around the edges and they were ready to go.

pink batman candiesA couple of things to note:

The batman mold is marketed as a mini cake mold or candy mold- I can’t imagine trying to make mini cakes in this. It’s definitely candy sized.

Because of the construction of the mold, this won’t make candies with multiple colors unless you carefully piped another color into the indent on the candies you’ve already made (as in the picture above)

I spooned the melted candy into each individual mold, then when the tray was full I simply scraped a spoon across it to remove any excess and create a relatively flat backside on the candies.

The instructions say to gently bang the filled mold on the counter to get rid of any air bubbles. Because the silicone is thick and black in color, it’s hard to tell if there are still tiny bubbles in the liquid candy, so you may have candy with minor imperfections like mine.

This was my first experience with a candy mold and it was a good one. I would definitely recommend trying a silicone mold, and you can bet I’ll be on the lookout for some Easter themed ones.

Enjoy your Valentine’s day!




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