31 Days to a More Functional Home- Organizing Lunch Supplies

Hi there, and welcome back to our 31 day series on creating better function in our homes.

For Day 3, I focused my attention on our lunch packing supplies. I have four kids and a husband to pack lunches for, so it’s vital that everything be organized and accessible to speed up the process.

Again I visited the Dollar Tree and grabbed a few supplies.

IMG_9286The first basket holds sandwich bags, spoons, silicone cupcake liners, and reusable condiment cups. Tucked into the sides are cute little sandwich cutters to make plain ol’ sandwiches a little more interesting.


The second basket holds our bento boxes and lids and paper lunch bags that we use for keeping snacks separate from lunch boxes.


The supplies fit nicely in a designated shelf right above the counter space where I make lunches. Their four water bottles fit right next to the baskets. The lunch boxes themselves are the only things that I can’t fit right in the cupboard, but they have a designated drawer nearby.

Super easy, super cheap, and so much less stress in the morning. Would you like to set up something similar?

  • Clear baskets that fit in standard cupboards: Dollar Tree
  • Metal bins in pink and turquoise (also available in purple and green): Dollar Tree
  • Reusable condiment cups: Dollar Tree
  • Water Bottles: Dollar Tree
  • Silicone baking cups for separating homemade lunchable ingredients: Walmart.com
  • Bento Boxes: Amazon.com
  • Sandwich cutters: Amazon.com

Yesterday was our anniversary, so I am actually posting Day Three (lunch station) and Day Four (organizing medication) on the same day. Hope to see you soon!


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